Something I encountered with a newborn was the lack of lists of things a new mom could do with her baby aside from the ones the hospital gives you. It took till my son was around 7.5-8 months for me to have things I really enjoyed doing with him, and learning everything this city has to offer! Which is a lot more than I initially thought.  Another problem I encountered was most activities fall right within our nap time. Whether that’s the same as other children, I’m not sure.

So, here is my list of things that I have found great communities in, and fun things we *both* enjoy doing.

Chorus & Clouds

Chorus & Clouds has become a regular place my son and I go. I’ve seen him flourish from a shy, timid baby to exploring an entire room because they offer so many sensory play activities. The music circles have definitely become his favourite part, he even bops along to the songs and ukulele.

They offer an “explorer’s lab” for two ages with sensory activities, reading and songs with the chance for babies to explore and play together. They also offer a toddler art class, a musical class and more for ages 0-4 years.

The instructors are all lovely, focus on each child, and provide a safe, loving space. It’s also Reggio based which I studied (and loved!) in university. Click here for more info.


We only just discovered Tumbletown, but so far we’re loving it! It’s a huge space filled with baby gymnastic equipment. Think, regular equipment but mini. Everything is padded which is perfect for newly crawling babies like ours. They offer instructions, a song at the end, and so many different areas to play in. Our son’s favourite was the foam pit, and the mini trampolines! Click here for more info.


Both Chorus & Clouds and Tumbletown have various time-slots which is perfect if your child naps early morning when all the drop-ins tend to be.

Community Centre Lessons & Play Gyms

I’ve only managed a few of the play gyms since they often fall within his nap-time, but they’re a great space for your child to meet other children, try out different toys, play, and have a lot of space to move around (if you live in an apartment, sometimes it’s nice to have a larger area for your child to wander around in).

We also signed our son up for swimming lessons which you can begin at 4 months. They’re inexpensive, fun and a great introduction. He also napped like a champ after every lesson. The first lessons are mainly songs, splashing and dipping underwater. Click here for more info.

Vancouver Library Babytime, Card & Play Areas

Babytime is storytime and songs for babies offered at locations all over Vancouver. Again, harder to find when looking for a later time in the day, but it’s definitely worthwhile. You learn new songs, which I definitely needed a refresher on, and have the chance to interact with other babies. You can get a library card for your child which also involves no late fees (children’s books only). The location near us has an area with a puppet-show spot set up, toys, books and chairs.  Click here for more info.

The Wonder Gallery at Science World

I have to give credit to my nanny friend for this one. We went here with the children she cares for, and had a wonderful time. They have an area for children that are just learning to crawl / sit. It’s a padded area full of interactive activities, textures, lights, toys, mirrors,  and tunnels. I find this is a great place to take him because it’s not normally things we have at home, and it gets him moving around (safely!) They have another area for toddlers that have begun walking as well.  Click here for more info.

 Circus Play Cafe

This is a new one we will be trying out next week 🙂 Click here for more info.